Vanguard Cargo Shorts

Are you looking for a good pair of cargo shorts?
Not sure about the quality you’ll get if you buy something local?
Doubtful about delivery time, or perhaps there’s some concern you won’t receive delivery at all?

Worried it won’t fit well?

Presenting… our export quality, locally made, exquisitely detailed, finely stitched, enzyme washed, brass buttoned, ykk-zipped, cotton lined, USA sized, relaxed fit, 6 pocket cargo shorts. 

Ready to ship from Bangkok, Thailand.

Style is not only about fashion. Sometimes we just want a high quality version of our practical, comfortable, staple items.

With Vanguard / VNGD1 shorts, there’s a palpable sense of quality you will experience every time you put on a pair.

To buy for personal use, if you’re visiting Thailand you can get yours from our stockist at Platinum Fashion Mall, Zone 2, 2nd Floor:

Shop Name: Mr & Mrs.
Shop # 549 A,
Zone 2, 2nd Floor,
Platinum Fashion Mall
Bangkok, Thailand.

To buy wholesale contact us. Please mention the cargo shorts.